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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2011 8:31am-9:01am EDT

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moscow has a reputation for being hard on the pocket when it comes to its hotels but there are now increasingly affordable options as martin andrews discovered mosque about its next. great. so to. go.
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our welcome to the let's go out show now in the past we've discussed the rising world hostiles two five star hotels here in the russian capital what about the middle markets today no a star lodgings needn't look so be it. so join me martin andrews as we explore to all three song lodgings here in moscow starting off i think threads that out hotel facilitation is situated at the former red october chocolate factory a cultural melting pot the island located near the kremlin is packed full of nightclub swanky restaurants and trendy arts galleries although central to narrow
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streets are often called to traffic late at night because we know the closest metro is a fat walk away take notes. if you want to be. the perfect place. because. many of the. books and magazines.
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for the market for. the middle of the range. have serious competition. from. their. area.
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prices with its close proximity. i think it. people the price. around two hundred dollars amazing. may not be fancy but the stuff speak english it has a friendly atmosphere and more importantly it's comfortable and safe. like its convenient location it's very station also. over the years but in the twenty first century to be cripplingly high prices. to the city as one of the most expensive destinations in the world and accommodation.
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for thousands of travelers every week. when looking for accommodation anywhere in the world research is the key location facilities designed. to think of a little time and effort and you can now find what you want. here is a great example just because you pay less doesn't mean you always have to do without . and to discuss the topic of middle range accommodation in the russian capital let's meet this week's guest you know. well i think it was a clever move from my dad who started the first here in moscow about fourteen years ago so it was probably a way to get me interested in the business and now of course it's a huge responsibility to have my name on the sidelines. and. now. it is a little bit of
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a problem as well the hotels in moscow as you probably know they're all very different we have a lot of five star hotels and we have. quite a few old soviet style titles and there's really an issue that we feel that is not well not filled that it really wasn't about the leaders actually and we feel that there's a big demand and that's exactly where we are working it's only about your heart oh well i think that we try the essence of what we tried to deliver is a convenient state so we would never charge for breakfast for example who would never charge you for internet for wife i would have it all through the hotels in a hotel very far as the hotels are. now and it's like water isn't it so that's really important and we included that about three years ago and it's always included in the rate and what we have done is also maybe. a very convenient
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thing for business travelers but also for tourists is that we have included the mini bar in the rate and we have set we have seen statistics over the years with people take from it it's usually water a little snack you know even if you're working with you coming home late just want something small you know dreaded toward room service and way for half an hour we need something something small and for us it actually costs more to handle that kind of the sales of it than just to include it it's always included in the rates oh yeah so that in the. quite appreciated the guests and we always side to say that we are three plus that you know it's hard to say what is a three star hotel what is forced out of our service i would say is a five star but then maybe we don't have that you know twenty five metre swimming pool that would. place us or our viewers are thank you very much weaving
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on what other two or three star hotels worth taking note of. is located in an old building in the historical area of downtown moscow constructed in the nineteenth century this house. as a part of the nobles family mansion of course current interiors of the many hotel are nothing like the look. of the old house but quit with new furniture and facilities such as a conditioning. of various categories standard rooms worth four thousand rubles around one hundred thirty dollars per night cheaper economy rooms and even. the best hotel in the north of the city is a three plus. with ninety six rooms aiming to combine european companies with russian hospitality it offers not only standard accommodation but also several designer rooms named. you'll even find you can use the right in the center
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of the room. in the west of moscow. square there's a large hotel called. providing over two hundred rooms accommodation. hundred dollars per night. hotels under the segment. and tell us. the hotel is not close to the city center but there is a free of charge shuttle bus. metro station. if you prefer to say closer to the action of the city center. might be a choice for you as it's located five minutes walk to the kremlin just off the
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central street. designed in a minimalist style thirty five rooms. but you will have to pay more for the hotel's convenient location. single standard rooms here cost two hundred dollars. by no means least we travel to the northeast area of the city located next to the. final location acquainted only three star hotel in comparison to a large hotel chains hotel forty five here. a comfortable location and living conditions to european standards recently renovated the rooms are bright and contemporary as a real family feel about this hotel no surprise that there are. more. in the hotel industry i think the fact that it's in desperate need of accommodation slowly. is getting rectified through accommodation for
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travellers visit and the country is. sound proof room and a large library of books. very. in the hotel forty five guests are also free to use the shared kitchen. this is. family home. here as most developed changes. in the many areas of its everyday life where the hotels restaurants or close shops growth and development why the choice and more competition. can be doing to travel is yes but now you have seen. you well. until you go shopping. so some great choices for you that the russian capital doesn't have to be so expensive after all. well unfortunately
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that's all the time we have left on this week's program on two and three star hotels see you again at the same time next week. so then for me and the rest of the crew from hotel forty five here a bike for the. monorail . historic old. friendly. dynamic. difference but feel. my co.
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those who are fascinated with history. to those who have a sweet tooth. to those who can't live without discomfort. and of course to the nature lovers this magnificent land offers its treasures. between earth and the sky. on our. top stories on our team to brief congress for a surprise a confidence vote in parliament after
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a week of drama and our plans shopping you might set markets into turmoil the prime minister is now holding talks of form a temporary governing coalition and promise to step down if necessary. us police where you would have to toss and tear gas to put down the attic or movement but i have to say they're determined to stand their ground against the odds washington and become the latest scenes of police crackdown screwed some casualties at more than one hundred arrests. in liverpool adds importance are appearing all across russia as the campaign kicks off to win seats in the country's lower house of parliament and seven major parties will be competing for the december fourth election it's. all right now it's time for all the latest in sports with richard.
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hello and welcome scholes a great to have you with us as always split the headlines . blood needs of a witness to give the czech republic one league cup final against russia. the violated coppins last day in charge of sponsoring. namo in the moscow darby. on job done the russian box said it was leave it if it's american james toney playing usually well. tennis republica drawn first blood in the fed cup final against russia in moscow at their commute of the czech republic into a one rubber the lead easily overcame russia's muddier cuban young who was a late replacement for bit as one of the all the in straight sets world number two has been brilliant form this year and she was rarely troubled and she breezed till six two six two when all of the pressure been on special on the cosmic solver to level things out for the home side to simply dispose native is currently on courts
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against. the russian who has made a good start taking a stance on the loss of just two games. for the moments in the second side's. elsewhere not to patrol has failed to reach the final the champions tournament and body heat in the seventies of former world number one on the advantage of serbia a straight says the piece in the end six one seven five run of the ship will play on the bow a degree gets in the timings of the side of the spine years of on seeing. overcoming germany's side being the c.p. and she pulled out full of down in the. hole in the last weekend of the regular season russian premier league and an ominous face sponsored by darby today more than just pride at stake. or three months ago sponsored by they'd be compensated stepped down this side doesn't finish the regular season in the top three currently fourth two points behind denominate first so anything less than
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a win see compton's men fall below his targets although this week has said club owners would happen on. his future the red and white have been in good form though having won the last two games and swore in seven goals in the process you signing him on your i mean ek his popularity here in striker banging in six goals in a small six games. meanwhile it was a momentous moment for tom leave a movie last through one of the siberian i've played may still be looking the best first win since july but they did manage to scald their first goal in the incredible one thousand one hundred sixty three minutes. of silence just about nineteen hours elsewhere n.g. berrill the way. of. the moments while later on take entertain f.c. cross have no chance of making it into the top of the table. so this is so let's
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hope hoffa looks going into with thirty and all the teams here a guaranteed finish regardless of what happens today they will qualify for many championship lee one of the teams will play each other twice small this side of the champions and european places. that. these teams will enter the relegation league they will again play each other home and away for the last two sides getting the chop and. they will also looking for the league winner in a row they take home west brom at the emirates stadium striker robin van persie is expected to start coming on a substitute in their goal of same the champions league he was named the league's player of the month to score and seven goals but even with the dutchman in the side coach johnson bringing things west brom will prove to be difficult opponents. real is expected. to be
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a two for everybody. so of all i believe that his qualities of technical qualities are side do as well organized resorts in norway's . and therefore from dawn to. two what peace could be put to good. all in the other games today league leaders manchester city travel to q.p.r. first place newcastle were to protect the start of the season against everton just got underway there it's james's park school there meanwhile chelsea her fourth travel to leave blackburn little swanzy last ability to train norrie city but the canaries looking to continue their good start of the season hope to achieve in promotion of a premier league. real madrid striker cristiano ronaldo has picked up. a bunch of water and scored forty goals in spain's legal last season that was nine more than any other player in europe's top leagues are now out of collecting the trophy for
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the second time in his career. i russian cruiserweight dennis labelled if has beaten america's former world champion james toney to claim to be a title the thirty two year old woman unanimous points decision in moscow although tony did blame his defeats on a me injury picked up in the early rounds and he was walking rather gingerly into the press conference following the fights injury apparently happening in the second round when riveted forced tony onto the ropes but he held on and survived a barrage of punches a mind to make sure he didn't sample the first knockout of this career this was the seventh to create an eighty five it's a little bit of now has a record of twenty three wins and one defeat is the second big name scalp in six months after. jones jr remained. who.
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he was the. only. new bill knocking him down wasn't a goal because i knew who were standing. in front of me and then this to this man had had eighty fights and no one came out i don't consider myself a terminator capable of knocking out anyone with a legit war meanwhile was a welterweight title fight a musket and i've missed time in the sport of k one where russian kick boxing champion boxer hosack of is hoping to take the w five crown from a legend like zombie this nicknamed iron mike has a well established face in the small boasting a record of eighty five knockout wins one has a curve his own making his first steps and came on as a way to another legend albert krauss mystery despite well more about five years. more than a fight the words but high sick of had been hearing in march when he went face to
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face with one of standup fightings biggest names albert gross the russian determined to weather the dutch hurricane and enter the sports elite he did just that more than a flight to bicycles next question will go even further in both ruin his reputation in the fight game. by the thief but one will take on another key one great mike byron's umbilicus the man known as the pride of greece has certainly been around the block recording a fool one hundred forty eight wins during his career no one of his numerous welterweight titles the w five crown is on the line. but i won't give any predictions for the fight but what i know for sure is that back to treat c. upcoming clash as the fight of his life as one preparing myself for a very tough rule but to himself has been eager to show his focus is confidence and
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maybe just try to get inside the grid veterans had to. i don't think i could have bullet him even if i had really tried to do so i just wanted to see his reaction and get some more knowledge. what he's like. i don't feel the pressure is just part of the game i prefer to have the last word in the ring. despite being the same age thirty one the flyers are polar opposites in terms of experience with them but it has for everybody and done everything perfectly still on the up and will wear a silly showing in the upcoming clash open just about every door in the sport mike mike is an extraordinary fighter good in both punch and kick and very light on his feet but have done a great job preparing for the fight start in two very closely and each of his actions will face my counteraction those actions coming very soon in most skilled these silly robots for the known party. and basketball defending your early
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champions puffa michaels rally to be a jogger a song home call to maintain their perfect starts to the same isn't something we need spearheading the visitors charge in the second quarter is travel and in the future and in club four point lead a hard time or the american would finish with a game high twenty one points for demetrius to man tedious connecting with my might but after a break in i shall grease their first win of the season ninety two to seventy five a final score in athens and michael's three games so far but are second in group b. behind russian powerhouse say a skier moscow. frederick jakobsen has a two shot lead going into the final round of the w g c h.s.b.c. champions event in shanghai ackerson starting today as b. overnight leader falling mccance would quickly extend his lead for him three birdies past four holes this week dropped
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a shot at nine but recovered to cardiff for a further birdies reading this one at fourteen. sixty seven three out of seven and things sixteen under par verge of a huge win but the two. packets closing in luis also means to shots back after a solid round of sixty eight for the south african birth the biggest mover of the day was a pre-tournament favorite rory mcilroy the northern irishman moving up thirteen places on the leaderboard following an excellent round of sixty five to catapult itself to within your shots after. finally cabbies steve williams has apologized for a legit plea racist comments he made about this former boss tiger woods and williams made the slur during a dinner for cabbies in shanghai the new zealand was given a mock award for his celebration helped to bring the bridgestone international events with adam scott what was his first victory since being fired at by woods in july securing thirteen major titles the former world number one the american golfer
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was at the end invitational event in australia but declined to give any comments this agent mark steinberg said williams' rant was sad and regrettable. but i'm sure up to date tess will be here the headlines about after the weather. will. bring you the latest in science and technology from the realms of russia. we go to the future you're covered.
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it's hard to see the greek prime minister survives
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a confidence vote in parliament after a week of drama. that you view and set the markets into turmoil and. the focus now turns to what happened is that still we still has secured that next package which i mean just maybe it's the latest detail. us police weigh in with handcuffs but tongs and tear gas to put down the attic or put all the five movement but activists say they're determined to stay underground dance the odds. and the game of musical chairs began to split a gladsome orders are popping up all across russia as the campaign kicks off to win seats in the countries of the lower house of parliament. to stop the five pm here in the russian capital.


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